GCCS provides a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum that encourages critical and creative thinking.


Major Features:


Co-teaching Model of Instruction:

Collaborative team-teaching is our model for inclusion classrooms with two adults in every classroom.



Project-Based Learning:

Our curriculum is theme-based and provides a focus on learning experiences in which students with diverse backgrounds and languages become inquiring, knowledgeable, and supportive of each other.



Measuring Student Progress:

Performance assessments, including projects, portfolios, multimedia presentations, state mandated tests, and written tasks, inform instruction and measure progress toward learning goals.



Multi-lingual Environment:

GCCS provides guidance for English Language Learners. Home language is supported and sustained along with learning and improving in English language skills.



Educational Enhancement with the Arts:

The arts are important areas of learning at GCCS. Students learn the disciplines of visual arts, music and drama, as well as learn about the arts (the skills and processes involved) and through the arts (artists, perspectives, themes and ideas using the arts).