Our Wait is Over!

We're moving!

We are happy to announce that the final phase of the remediation at our new school location has been completed and we are finally able to move! We want to thank all of our students and their families who have been patiently waiting for this great news!

The school will re-open on February 23rd at 2350 5th Avenue.

Due to our move we will be extending Mid-Winter Break. There will be no school for students from February 9 to 20, 2015. 


Located at our current building located at 421 W 145th St., these sessions will provide families with additional information and support to help make this transition as seamless as possible. 

Here is a list of dates for our upcoming Information Sessions:

We hope to see family members at one of the very important information sessions. We look forward to completing the 2014-15 school year with our families at our school’s new home!

When are we moving?

We are moving the week of February 9th to February 13th. THERE WILL BE NO SCHOOL DURING THIS TIME.

When is the first day of school in the new building?

The first day will be February 23rd, 2015.

Where is the new building?

Our new school building is located at 2350 Fifth Avenue between 141st and 142nd streets in Harlem.


How can I get there?


2 and 3 Trains to 135th St. Stop

3 Train to 145th St. Stop

A, B, C, D transfer to BX19


M1 to 138th and 5th Ave

BX19 to 145th Malcolm X Blvd (Lenox Ave)

BX33 to 135th and 5th Ave


The site is conveniently located right by Harlem River Drive, the 145th St Bridge which connects to the Bronx, is close to the Major Deegan on Madison Avenue bridge at 138th St, and the 3rd Avenue Bridge at 130th St.


Is busing still available?

Kindergarten - Grade 2: Yes. Students who live 0.5 miles or more from our school will be provided with bus service.
Grades 3 and 4: Yes. Students who live 1 mile or more from our school will be provided with bus service.

What if I’m not sure that I qualify for busing?

If you're unsure you may call the Office of Pupil Transportation’s Customer Service line: (718) 392-8855 or visit their website: http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/Transportation .

What features are available in our new school building?

Our new home features:

  • 22 Large Classrooms
  • Multi-Purpose Cafeteria
  • State of the Art Security System
  • Media Center
  • Art Room
  • Music Room
  • Office Suites 
  • Large Studio Space for Dance and Recreational Use
  • Future Science Labs

In addition, our new school is ADA accessible and comes fully equipped with state of the art central air and heating. Solar panels located on the roof will increase energy efficiency and minimize the use of non-renewable energy, making our new school an environmentally friendly establishment!

Why are we moving mid-year?

We decided to move into our new school building mid-year in order to provide our students with a superior learning environment as soon as possible.

Is this building safe?

Absolutely! Several decades ago our new school building was the site of a dry cleaning company. Some chemicals used in the dry cleaning process were later found in the soil beneath the building. Any soil containing traces of these chemicals has been removed and the remaining soil has tested negatively for any harmful chemicals. Learn more about the remediation process →

The air inside the building has also been tested and determined to be safe for long term use and occupation. Extensive testing has determined that the presence of chemicals in the building previously poses no threat to our students or staff now.

We will continue to test the soil and air quality throughout the year to ensure that the school continues to be safe!

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