Fabian Funez

Grade 2 Co-Teacher

Mr. Fabian Funez was born in Honduras and moved to New York in 1991. He attended middle school and high school in the Bronx. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and his dual Master’s in Childhood Education and Students with Disabilities with distinction from Mercy College. He is an active member of the Parent Association at his son’s school and serves as a classroom ambassador, working in collaboration with other ambassadors and classroom teachers, organizing classroom and whole-school activities such as book clubs, field trips, family fun days, workshops and fundraisers.

After completing his student teaching experience at P.S. 51 in the Bronx, Mr. Fabian volunteered to continue helping children who needed additional academic support until the end of the school year. He is a sports lover, specially of soccer, and has visited different countries supporting his beloved Honduras National soccer team. Last year he coached 5-7 year old children in a soccer academy in the Bronx, where his team won the championship. He currently lives in the Bronx with his wife Leyla, and their two children, Leyana, 12 and Jared, 7. 

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