Families are essential to the success of their child’s academic development.


We encourage families to become actively engaged partners in their children’s education and in our school community.


Parents as Partners Association (PAPA)


The Parents as Partners Association (PAPA) is an organization that invites family members of our students to become involved in the ongoing activities and developments of our school.



From fundraising and event planning to lending a helping hand in the classroom or on field trips, PAPA offers a wide variety of roles for every level of commitment and expertise:


Fundraising Committee

Help design and produce promotional materials such as the GCCS Calendar and the GCCS Cookbook

Help plan and promote events such as our month long Change the World campaign and the Annual GCCS Spring Fest

Share fresh and exciting ideas for promotional products and school event

Parent Advisory Team (PAT)

Become a parent representative for your child’s classroom

Help to build and maintain strong relationships among the other parents of your child’s classroom


Be a helping hand in the classroom, on field trips and in other curriculum based events

Offer support to staff and students in the day-to-day activities of our school

Community Development

Help build strong relationships with members of our community such as local business owners, community centers, educational programs, politicians and community leaders

Promote and advocate for our school in the neighborhood and invite new members to join our community