Yverose Ezrin

Director of Teaching and Learning

Mrs. Ezrin is a graduate of Bank Street College of education with 14 years of experience in education and more than 10 years of experience in business. She has a BA in Psychology, a Master degree in Education and a second Master degree in School Administration and Supervision. She has NYS certification to teach Pre-K to grade six and Supervision certification for Pre-k to High School. She is a big advocate for early childhood education, girls’ education and experiential leaning. Mrs. Ezrin is very knowledgeable and passionate about progressive education and is very excited to be part of the GCCS team and provide a hands-on approach to teaching and learning to the children in the West Harlem community

Mrs. Ezrin is a parent of two young children as well and truly understands the importance of providing a well-balanced education to each child. In addition to working at GCCS, Mrs. Ezrin is also working on developing The DIRT Project, which she hopes will bring the progressive philosophy of education to children in her native country of Haiti. Her passion for education is what drives her to work tirelessly in order to make a difference in the lives of the children and families she serves.